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Sunset on the Matic blockchain
Polygon warrior

Inside the prosperous blockchain on a tiny island named Motu Tioata live little creatures called Indigenous Polygons. They have been there for thousands of years and survived through the toughest of times. Their only enemy - Matautia, hides in the deep caves of the underworld. The battle between those two native rivals has been on for many decades. Choose your tribe and help the Polygons defeat their enemies once and for all!


Indigenous Polygons: The Game is a 2D platformer and survival game with unique art and thrilling gameplay. The game has single-player mode and multiplayer mode with up to 5 players...


Kiona Demo.jpg
Kiona Blur_edited.jpg
Galu Demo.jpg
Galu Blur_edited.jpg
Vaomatua Demo.jpg
Vaomatua Blur_edited.jpg
Maugamu Demo.jpg
Maugamu Blur_edited.jpg


"Our goal is to give people ownership of their digital characters and bring the NFTs closer to mass adoption through practical applications."



Polygons whitelist is active

Only the first 1111 people will get access to our exclusive whitelist. It will grant you future benefits and discounts.

Pre-sale discount for
whitelisted members only

If you got listed, then this is for you! 


We will give away NFTs with a total worth of ∼ 4 Ethereum (10.000$).

Official art reveal

The Indigenous Polygons art is public!


Indigenous Polygons are roaming the blockchain freely and eager to make new friends!

You will see the first glimpse of the gameplay. More footage will follow as the project progresses.

Gameplay footage released
DAO Tribe on Discord opened

Exclusive Polygons tribe is open for the long-term owners. Once in a quarter, the royalty pool will be divided between members.

Game token release

The official game ecosystem token is available to the masses.

DAO collection release 

We will release special characters for members of the DAO Tribe. 

Official game release

The game will be available to the public. Players who don’t own IP NFT have to start the game with a generic level 0 character.

The game opened
to beta testers

All holders get a chance to test out the game mechanics. 


The existing roadmap is open for changes.



IP Team 1.jpg
S. Jasper

Developer, Game design

IP Team 2.jpg
E. Andres

Lead artist, CEO

IP Team 3.jpg
T. Renar

Marketing, PR



•What are Indigenous Polygons?
Indigenous Polygons is an NFT collection of 8,888 uniquely generated creatures. Each polygon has its hand-drawn traits. Owning an Indigenous Polygons NFT allows you to be a part of our growing community. This NFT character also gives you access to our final product - the Indigenous Polygons game!
•What is an NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible token. These tokens have information stored in them. They hold a value primarily set by the market and demand, which means they can be bought and sold just like other physical assets. A non-fungible token is like the Mona Lisa painting. Mona Lisa doesn't appear in other collections. You also can't trade Mona Lisa for another Mona Lisa painting.
•On what blockchain is it?
The ERC-721 token is on the Polygon Blockchain, and file hosting is IPFS.
•How can I become an owner of Indigenous Polygons NFT?
You will be able to purchase an Indigenous Polygons NFT directly at our page with Polygon (Matic) by using the MetaMask extension. We highly recommend holding your IP NFT with the MetaMask wallet. Only then can we guarantee your wallet's future compatibility with our game ecosystem.
•What happens when I buy Indigenous Polygons NFT?
You will receive a unique, one-of-a-kind Polygon with proof of ownership stored on the polygon network. You will also get commercial usage rights for your NFT.
•Why Indigenous Polygons?
We understand that NFTs and crypto gaming is the future. We also acknowledge that people want to have control over their digital assets. That is why we give our customers a chance to own their characters. We also believe in the Polygon (Matic) ecosystem and the narrative we are telling through the game. A good story is what life is all about.
•Can I play the game with my NFT character?
Yes, you can. All players who hold IP NFT will be able to use their characters inside the game.
•Why are character traits important?
Every character has unique abilities and weapons. These traits will directly impact your experience in the game.
•Is there a whitelist?
We appreciate individuals that are willing to invest in our project and community. Becoming one of these people may earn you a spot on the whitelist. We also have giveaways to get you a place on the whitelist. Visit our Discord server to find out more about getting whitelisted.
•What will be the floor price of a single NFT?
The whitelist will grant you a 50% discount on any of our NFTs. Public floor price will range from 0.015 up to 0.15 ETH depending on the character traits.
•How do I contact the team?
Join our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions you have. All essential information will be announced and publicly available on Discord.
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