Indigenous Polygons: The Game is the final piece into the universe of Polygons. First, join J.Carter on his Twitter journey to the island of Polygons to learn more about these creatures and become a part of their tribes by getting your own Polygon from our NFT collection. Finally, the time will come when you can jump right into their world and defend the Ma-Tic’s Crystal of Life.


You and your friends have found yourselves on Motu island. Each of you looks exactly like the character you chose from our NFT collection. The characters are spread into five classes - all have special abilities and weapons. It is your task to put together the best combination of five to maximize your chances for your world to survive.

On the ground of Motu island, you and other tribes have to face monsters who originate in the deep caves of the island. Your main enemies are creatures called Matautia. They come in three different forms, and their main goal is to get their hands on the Crystal of Life. Your objective is to hold them back as long as possible, as their packs attack in waves. Should you happen to fail … no worries! You can always prepare better and give it another GO!